Atikokan Aero operates a small fleet of bush aircraft on floats. The fleet is comprised of one Cessna 180 and two DeHavilland Beavers
.  Below is a short description on both aircraft.


The DeHavilland Beaver is known as the workhorse of the Canadian bush scene. Designed and built in the 1950's through to 1967, the Beaver served in several areas. It was once the favorite of the United States Army as well as the Canadian Air Force. Today it serves a much more practical purpose as the aircraft of choice for Bush flying operations. 
Although no longer in production, the Cessna 180 is considered a workhorse of an airplane, and is favored to this day by many who fly to and from remote, unimproved airstrips in places such as Alaska, and is the preferred aircraft still in use by the Colorado Division of Wildlife for monitoring wildlife and re-stocking fish in remote mountain lakes. The 180 and 185 have become deeply entrentched in bushflying, a rugged wilderness flying done in Canada and Alaska.  


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