Atikokan Aero is a certified float plane operation which provides float endorsements to all of it's pilots. Atikokan Aero is also a float endorsement center and can provide any pilots with training for their float piloting needs.  The chief pilot for Atikokan Aero is Philip Robinson, a float endorsement pilot for over 25 years with more than 18000 hours of accident free bush flying experience.

Both float courses are comprised of several aspects:

- Ground school will be required regarding the characteristics of float aircraft. These include but are not limited to, movement on water, take-off and landing on water, pilot decision making when flying on water, etc.
-Perform 7 hours of dual flight in the DeHavilland Beaver or Cessna 180
-Meet the Transport Canada Float Endorsment Requirments

-Must hold at least a Canadian  Private Pilot License
-Must hold a valid class 3 or better medical certificate as well as a radio license


Minimum float endorsment(7-10hrs) - $3000*
Professional float endorsement(50hrs) - $12500*

*NOTE: These prices are approximate and can vary from student to student. Prices can be changed at anytime without notice.

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